June 20, 2017

Community or club manager

As  community manager we are always looking to strengthen your community and realize it’s full potential.

Many community members are interested in sharing recommendations, products and services for free or a fee within their community.
There are entire communities based on selling, sharing and recommending, and there are community managers who define a specific day or another channel to allow such sharing.
Because of the  TIMLINE structure of groups and communities today, it’s hard to find or edit members’ proposals, forcing the sellers to spam the community.

I manage a platform called ByPal that allows you to share different resources (products, services, recommendations and requests ) within communities.

ByPal allows you to generate additional value for your community by:

  • Creating your  group social economy platform, easily  sharing products, services  by offers to give, lend, renting, selling and recommending to the group members.
  • Show and manage your community offers in one easy to find and filter place
  • Create and manage your offer to your different member types
  • Control the  type of offers and categories your community members can share with each other in your community.
  • Enjoy income from your community in a direct or indirect way.
  • Add community members,  at your desired pace.

We allow you to start with a basic free track and pay advanced services that need them.

For those who are suitable, a pilot can be created and many services will be provided free of charge.

If you’re interested in helping us create a consumer group for your community in BP, we’d be happy to help

For more information and for a special version of community managers, please contact 054-7699912 or info@bypal.co

Soon IOS site and versions

Kind regards

Ishay Korn