March 15, 2017


Want to know more here are some Q&A

Q.Is ByPal free?
A. yes, ByPal is free to use and to send offers to friends and communities, ByPal plans to always allow to share offers between friends for free. In the future, we may add extra services that would be for a fee.

Q. What can I offer?
A. You can offer an item or service to:
Give for Free as a gift
Lend for Free for a defined time
Recommend (coming soon)
Request (coming soon)

Q. How will see my offers?
A. only the contacts and group members that you select in the “seen by” setting of the offer will see it, including the price and terms of the offers. You can create several offers for specific item or service.

Q. Can I offer the same item for free to my family and sell it to the rest of ByPal community?
A. yes, and each will see only the offer that targets him.

Q. Can I create an offer only to one person or just to my friends?
A. yes, and only they will see it

Q. How to share on ByPal in less than 60 seconds? :
A. click add offer and :
1. Add image and info of an item or service
2. Offer it to specific contacts group with personalized fee and return policy can create as many personalized offers as you want

Q. How to find an offer from a specific group of pals?:
A. to see all your contacts, all ByPal members or a specific group offers, you just need to filter the offers by groups or categories, you can create new groups from your contacts

Q. Why ByPal is better than regular share economy or classifieds site?
A. ByPal offer socially relevant and personalized offers and reviews with people you trust, you don’t need to deal with strangers, and the value can be social, you can share beloved book or item because it is only with your selected trusted friends.

Q. Why ByPal is better than regular share social sites and IM apps?
A. ByPal was designed as a social economy platform, to help you easily find and share the best offers or review between your friends, instead of a timeline, we use an index that is easy to filter, and finds even older offers.Instead of following each group, you can see all relevant offers at ease in one place.

Q. What do you use phone number verification for?
A. Your phone number will never be revealed without your direct request, it is used to filter personalized offers to you that are made by your friends.

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